As a Police Officer, it is imperative to maintain a healthy level of fitness.  As part of the application process you will be required to undertake a fitness test designed to test your level of cardio fitness and physical strength.

    You could be invited to attend the fitness testing of the recruitment process within 1-4 weeks of passing the interview during the Background Checks stage. Therefore, it's important to ensure that you meet the BMI standard, have watched the fitness test video and are ready to pass the fitness test, before you apply.

    The fitness tests are normally conducted out of the Victoria Police Academy on a Sunday, followed by a psychometric assessment. Please allow for a 5 hour period on this day of testing.

    Applicants will also have their Body Mass Index (BMI) assessed at fitness testing.  Find out your BMI using the BMI calculator to the right of the screen.

    From fitness testing date 5 June 2016, any applicant who attends fitness testing and has a BMI reading over 27.5 must bring to testing a successful Sum of Skin Folds test (SOSF). To be successful, your result must indicate SOSF = 50th percentile or less percentile and conducted by Konekt at the following locations: Melbourne, Ballarat, Bendigo, Cranbourne and Geelong. Please call the central Konekt Melbourne number 1300 566 358 to make a booking. Regional applicants should clearly stipulate the location they wish to book for their SOSF test. All costs are to be borne by the applicant ($90). Interstate applicants may be able to have the test completed locally, however this is to be determined by KONEKT. Interstate applicants should contact the central Melbourne number to enquire.

    Any applicant who presents a BMI over 27.5 on the fitness testing day and does not have a successful SOSF test is likely to be dismissed from testing on that day.

    Applicants need to maintain their BMI throughout the recruitment process and will not be inducted into the Victoria Police Academy if outside of the requirements.

    Note: Circumstances where a BMI in excess of 27.5 could be deemed acceptable from a successful SOSF test, would be where an applicant has low body fat but high muscle development due to weights/fitness training or a naturally muscular physique.


    The fitness test includes the following components:

    ·        Beep test (5.01) - DOWNLOAD BEEP TEST HERE (Right-Click, Save Target As)
    ·        Grip test (30kg in each hand)
    ·        Illinois agility run (20 seconds)
    ·        Push-ups (5 successive push ups on toes)
    ·        Prone bridge (hold for 60 seconds)
    ·        Obstacle climb (1.3m)
    ·        Swim (100 metres in 4 minutes)


    Height (cm):
    Weight (kg):
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