Former Victoria Police Officers

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    If you are a former police officer of Victoria Police and are interested in applying to return in a policing role, then you must register with the Police Registration and Services (PRS) Board. The Chief Commissioner will consider the advice of the PRS Board in determining whether to appoint a person to Victoria Police.

    What is the PRS Board?
    The PRS Board is an independent statutory body committed to the professionalisation of policing through registration and professional standards functions. The PRS Board also conducts the independent review and appeal functions for Victoria Police resulting from promotion, transfers and disciplinary action.

    The Police Profession Register is the mechanism for registration of former Victoria Police officers. The register is maintained by the Registration Division of the PRS Board. The Registration Division commenced operation on 1 April, 2014.

    More information in regards to the PRS Board can be obtained via their website HERE

    What does the registration process involve?
    Part 6 of the Victoria Police Act 2013 outlines the police registration process. A person is qualified for registration if they are of good character and reputation, have any qualifications and experience for registration at a specified rank, and have the aptitude and efficiency required to perform as a police officer at a specified rank.

    How do I apply for registration?

    To commence the registration process, please call the PRS Board to obtain the applicable forms.

    For further information in relation to the registration process, please contact the PRS Board.
    Phone: (03) 9600 4288
    What does the employment process involve?
    Former Victoria Police officers must be registered with PRS Board prior to being considered for employment with Victoria Police. It is important to note that registration on the Police Profession Register does not guarantee employment with Victoria Police. Once registered, a merit based employment process will be conducted.

    For further information in relation to the employment process, please contact the Victoria Police Alternative Employment Unit.
    Phone: (03) 9247 3219

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