Culturally And Linguistically Diverse

    Our workforce is made up of people from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds which enables our employees to bring a variety of different attributes, life experiences, insights and languages to enrich our organisation.

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    Victoria Police defines Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) people as those who are from an non-English speaking or non-mainstream cultural, religious or ethnic background.

    Victoria Police is seeking to reflect the cultural diversity of the Victorian Community as our workforce undergoes significant expansion.  To achieve this aim we understand the need to reach out and engage with communities that are under represented within our work force. We also consider the unique challenges associated with the recruitment and retention of a culturally and linguistically diverse workforce.


    Employment Pathways

    Victoria Police has partnered with various organisations to provide career pathway opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds.

    Victoria Police Diversity Recruitment Program

    This program is designed to address the unique challenges encountered by African-Australians who wish to apply to Victoria Police. The program assists participants with meeting the academic, fitness and professional expectations of the recruitment process. The program was developed through collaboration with various organisations and is managed by Jesuit Social Services and Victoria University Polytechnic. For more information, or to apply, see

    New and Emerging Diverse Communities School Based Traineeship

    The School Based Traineeship Program for New and Emerging Communities is designed for students completing years 10, 11 or 12 who are interested in a career with Victoria Police. Victoria Police, Skillinvest and Jobs Victoria have jointly created this program aiming to provide useful work experience and insight into a policing career. For more information contact: Naishadh Gadani, Skillinvest Project Coordinator, ph: 1300 135 008, e:

    On the Job

    Victoria Police has several employee networks that Police officers, Protective Services Officers, Police Custody Officers and Victorian Public Servants are invited to join. These are:

    • Victoria Police Muslim Employees Association
    • Victoria Police African Employee Network (VICPOLAEN)
    • Victoria Police Jewish Employee Network (VPJN)
    • Victoria Police Hellenic Association
    • Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Council & Network (to be established)

    The purpose of employee networks is to foster diversity and inclusion within Victoria Police by allowing employees from diverse backgrounds and their allies to share common experiences and information, and contribute to policy development on issues relevant to a culturally diverse workforce.  It also provides an opportunity for Victoria Police employees to get more involved in the challenges and initiatives related to their communities.


    Contact us

    If a career in policing is something that you have been thinking about but you are experiencing challenges related to your cultural or religious background, or because English is not your first language please email or call us on (03) 9247 3627


    “… I was approached by management and asked if I wish to conduct my daily prayers at work then a designated area would be made available to me upon request. Personally, I choose to conduct my prayers at home, however it is comforting to know that I am supported at work should I choose to actively practise my faith. I felt the prior understanding, knowledge and support management displayed in relation to my faith was impressive and accommodating. During Ramadan I choose to take leave in advance; however in the past I have worked nightshift which better suited my fasting and prayer schedule.” — Testimonial of a Victoria Police employee of CALD heritage.

    “I have so far had an inspiring employment journey with Victoria Police that has seen me through a few low and many high points. Having a great sense of adventure and resilience have both been instrumental to my success story at Victoria Police. When you are a police officer, sometimes you outperform expectations, sometimes you don’t - but you always bounce back”. — Testimonial of a Victoria Police employee of CALD heritage.

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