Training At The Academy

    What to expect

    Your journey to becoming part of Victoria Police begins at the Victoria Police Academy, Glen Waverley. While you will be paid from day one of your training, you’ll need dedication and commitment to succeed in this structured training environment. Academy hours are Monday to Friday 7:30am to 4:10pm and your days will include classroom based theory lessons, practical and physical training.

    We believe reward comes from effort, and you can expect this to be an intense and demanding period of your life where you may need support from family and friends; they need to understand the demands that will be placed on your time during this period. You may also need to undertake additional study at night and maintain your fitness levels.

    While the Academy can be challenging, you will receive plenty of support from your lecturers, trainers and fellow recruits. In fact, the friendships formed during your time at the Academy are often significant and long lasting. Many of our members still maintain and rely on friendships that were forged years ago during their time at the Academy.

    Graduation day can be one of the most satisfying experiences in your career and your family is invited to join you in celebrating your achievement.

    For more information on what to expect at the Academy, CLICK HERE.

    Life at the Academy

    Depending on where you live and your family circumstances, you may be invited to live-in at the Academy during your training, and receive meals and accommodation at a cost (approx. $450/fortnight).

    The Academy facilities include: dining room, accommodation, chapel, library, gymnasium, basketball court, Olympic-size swimming pool, athletics track, simulation training facilities, scenario-based training village, self-defence training rooms, weapons ranges, lecture theatres and class rooms.

    Training and salary for each role

    • Intensive 31-week training program
    • Base salary of $48,997 from day 1 in the Academy
    • From week 12, base salary of $67,312
    • Post-graduation, shift allowances are paid on top of the base salary
    • Extensive rank structure provides more opportunity for salary increases and promotion
    • Intensive 12-week training program
    • Base salary of $62,066
    • Post-graduation, shift allowances are paid on top of the base salary
    • Supervisory structure will expand in the future to include more opportunity for rank and salary increases
    • Intensive 8-week training program (includes 2 weeks station-based)
    • Base salary of $49,239
    • Post-training, base salary of $50,828
    • Post-graduation, shift allowances are paid on top of the base salary
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