Life as a PSO

    Being a PSO is a rewarding career that offers excellent flexibility and good work-life balance. As a member of Victoria Police, you’ll receive comprehensive training to ensure you are equipped to keep the community safe.

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    Protective Services Officers (PSO) are located at all 212 metropolitan train stations in Melbourne and four regional train stations across Victoria (Bendigo, Traralgon, Ballarat and Geelong).

    As a Protective Services Officer, you will commence your employment with 12 weeks of paid training at the Victoria Police Academy.

    Upon graduation from the Victoria Police Academy you will be stationed at the Victoria Police Centre in Docklands, Melbourne. From this point, you will join the Transit Safety division, completing a 3 month mentoring program before being deployed to a suburban train station.

    Your shift starts at your designated Police Station at 4pm (Monday to Thursday), 5pm or 9pm (Friday and Saturday) and 5pm Sunday where you change into your uniform and equip yourself for duty. You and your team mates will receive a briefing from the supervising Sergeant outlining any safety concerns, events in the area and things to keep an eye out for. Transportation will be provided for you to your designated train station and your night will begin. You will always be on duty with at least one other PSO.

    Throughout your shift, you will monitor peak hour train services where you will maintain a visible presence and engage with the community. You will build and maintain rapport with commuters and the surrounding community to build trust in the safety of the station. You will proactively patrol the train platform, car parks and surrounds, dealing with anti-social behaviour, property damage, alcohol and transport related offences as they arise. You will be provided with facilities to compile paperwork, which is minimal. You will also be provided with facilities to have a meal break along with other amenities as required.

    You will be transported back to your designated Police Station to return your operational equipment along with any paperwork you may have completed during the shift. Shifts are 10 hours and can start anytime from 4pm to 9pm (depending on the day). The Transit Safety division confirms your rosters 4 weeks in advance and takes into consideration your leave requirements. You will also receive a minimum of 4 rest days in a fortnight including, where practicable, at least one weekend per month.

    Victoria Police is committed to valuing our employees and getting the very best out of them. We work hard to provide our employees with comprehensive training and support, we strive to make our working environments safe and we aim to ensure that every individual has a healthy work life balance. Applications for flexible working hours are assessed on an individual basis and depend on operational requirements (ref EB s14.1 and 14.2).

    As a Protective Services Officer, you will be a valued member of the Victoria Police team and we look forward to having you join our great organisation.

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