You will be required to submit an application online. Your application will be thoroughly assessed and some may be rejected if deemed not competitive. Please ensure that you use correct spelling and grammar and that all questions are answered in full.

    The application form will consist of:

    • Personal details
    • Employment history
    • Education history
    • History of prior offences and police dealings

    Upon completion of your online application, you may be contacted by Recruiting Services Branch via email to complete the Victoria Police Entrance Examination.

    All costs associated with travel to and from assessment venues/stages will be the responsibility of the applicant, including costs to sit the entrance exam, sum of skin folds test (if required), medical appointments and first aid certification.

    NOTE: Uniform and Appearance Standards

    Victoria Police employees are required to project an image that is consistent with a professional and disciplined law enforcement agency. Therefore employees’ clothing, grooming and personal accessories must project a favourable image, and must not be extreme or detract from the need to present as employees of a professional and disciplined organisation.

    Applicants with tattoos/body art on the head, face, neck or hands should contact Recruiting Services Branch for further information regarding eligibility, prior to submitting an application.  Full hand tattoos are not permitted, so applicants should have them removed prior to lodging an application.

    Members are permitted to wear the following items of jewellery: wrist watches, minimal rings of conservative style and emergency medical alert bracelets or pendants. Wearing of other jewellery, ornaments, adornments or accessories is not permitted. This includes: earrings, spacers, any facial/body piercing, plugs, tunnels, bars, chains, dental grills, etc.

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