Specialist Areas

    As a Police Officer, once you have completed your minimum 2-4 years of general duties, you will have the opportunity to specialise and develop a skillset in a specific field of expertise – like the Critical Incident Response, Detective, Family Violence or Road Policing units.

    Securing specialist police roles can be competitive; depending on which specialist area you are interested in. Your time as a General Duties Police Officer, interacting with specialist officers, will provide you with exposure to the broad range of areas and task forces on offer. Victoria Police will provide you with all the necessary training for your specialist field of choice.

    The full list of specialist areas below also includes various task forces that are formed as needed.

    For more information on specialist areas, CLICK HERE.

    • Air Wing
    • Bicycle Patrol
    • Covert Units
    • Crime Unit
    • Critical Incident Response Team
    • Detectives
    • Dog Squad
    • Family Violence Unit
    • Highway Patrol
    • Intelligence/Analyst
    • Mounted Branch
    • Operations Response Unit
    • Prosecutions
    • Road Policing, Drug &
Alcohol Section
    • Search & Rescue
    • Special Operations Group
    • Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team
    • Task Forces (multiple & various)
    • Training Unit
    • Water Police

    In addition to specialist fields, Police Officers also have the option to seek promotion through the ranks. This will require further development and assessment. Again, we provide you with this training and encourage and support you in developing your skills and pursuing your goals.

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